Leather bracelets – a little bit punk, a little bit funk

Dudes and babes, this is on the real! Leather bracelets are straight-up stylin’! They’ve been around since Fred and Barney were babies, and they’re still smokin’ hot today. Who knows who first got the idea of wearing animal skin wrist-wear? We don’t know and we don’t care! All we know for sure is that our leather bracelet collection is a red-hot seller – totally off the chain!

Lusterforever’s leather bracelets are made of the finest imported Italian and Middle Eastern leather - soft, sensual and sexy – great for chillaxin’ or flossin’! So what’s your fave leather bracelet? Review please!

If you want a men’s leather bracelet, you’re in the right hood. We’ve got a black leather bracelet (or brown or whatever!) for every guy on your crush list. How ‘bout a braided leather bracelet? They’re perfect for guys and gals and come in a multitude of colors and styles. Then there’s the fashion bracelet – leather bracelet ‘look-alikes’ made of silk or brass mesh with silver or pearl accents – perfect for the Sista’s! Check out our cool blue braided leather bracelet, or our radically red braided leather bracelet. You won’t need a lot of cheddar to scoop up these babies!

Our no-risk guarantee, overnight delivery and totally trend customer service reps are making us the #1 online jewelry site for leather bracelets of every kind! And get this - if you spend $70, you’ll get free shipping plus 15% off your order – seriously!

You know what to do! Check out our leather bracelets and go shopping – now!
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